Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Glad you're aboard!

The Texas Department of Transportation's Beaumont District page is designed to help keep you informed on a wide variety of transportation issues in the eight-county district. Our goal is to give you the facts concerning highway projects, maintenance and any other transportation-related activity our district is involved in. We are not out to sell...just inform.

Look for videos, photographs and other updates on any number of projects throughout the district. By following our webpage, you will often be the first to know about any changes or proposed projects our district is considering. We'll also post updates on current construction projects as well as let you know the latest transportation trends in Southeast Texas. Whether it's Interstate 10 or your local farm-to-market road, we'll work hard to keep you informed.

Are you a "Twitter"? If so, make sure to follow of our new Twitter page at As a follower, you'll get instant and up-to-date information on lane closures and emergency road work and conditions that could affect your travel plans. We'll also send you important updates on transportation issues facing you and your community.

Have a question? Drop us an email at We'll be glad to answer your question or at least get you to the right person who can help you.

Sit back, enjoy the ride and let's talk highways.

Marc Shepherd
Public Information Office


  1. I travel highway 347 from Nederland to Beaumont and where highway 366 joins 347 we have a speed trap by the DPS and the sheriff. We need the speed limit increased so we can put a stop to this speed trap and use this manpower elsewhere like over on IH 10 to help stop some of these wrecks.

  2. I have a question about the Lindbergh overpass. Can you tell me the status as to how long it will be closed or if it has to be rebuilt?

    Thank you,
    Kathy Johnson