Thursday, July 1, 2010

How to avoid every traffic jam

Tired of being stuck in traffic? Looking for an easy way around highway construction? Well, there's a solution.

Coming to a dealership somewhere near you is the flying car.

Yes, straight out of the Jetsons comes a whole new definition of 'hybrid'. The Terrafugia is a flying car with the ability to fly more than 500 miles on a tank of unleaded. As a car, it goes up to 90 mph. The wings fold up into the vehicle when used on the street. Hit a button or two and the wings fold out and you're ready to hit the flight deck.

Of course, it will probably be some time before every home in America has one in their two-car (or two-airplane) garage. But the thought of getting out of that two-hour traffic jam, at least for those who can afford one of these flying autos, is now about to be a reality.

Times have changed!

Happy flying..
Marc S

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