Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Got Pothole?

You swerve, dodge and do everything under you power to miss them. Eventually, though, you hit what you consider to be the 'mother-of-all-potholes." Unfortunately, potholes are a part of life. Southeast Texas' wet weather doesn't help matters either. Our heavy rainfall can turn a roadway into a block of Swiss cheese.

Fortunately, there's a new way of getting your favorite (or perhaps least favorite) pothole fixed much quicker. If you run across a pothole, or any other maintenance issue on the state highway system, you can shoot TxDOT a quick email using our new "Report-A-Pothole" page. The page also allows you to contact us concerning mowing, guardrail damage, damaged traffic signals, road debris and even signage problems along state-maintained highways.

You can access the site here:

Remember: This is only for highways on the state highway system. This includes interstate, U.S., state highways (SH), farm-to-market (FM), ranch-to-market (RM), and other highways maintained by TxDOT. Streets maintained by cities are not included.

Once you report the issue, it is sent to the maintenance section and/or area engineer who supervises the area. Maintenance crews will then get to work fixing the problem.

Safe driving,
Marc S.

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