Thursday, September 2, 2010

Road conditions just a call away

Want the latest lane closures across the Lone Star State? Then make sure to check out TxDOT's new interactive hotline designed to give you the latest reports.

Calling 1-800-452-9292 will get you near real-time information on traffic and weather impacting Texas roads and highways. In just one phone call, drivers can learn everything about current road conditions including construction delays and lane closures. Callers can also to speak to travel counselors during business hours and can also request travel literature.

The system can handle as many as 900 calls for automated information at any time. In the event of a large-scale event like a winter blizzard or a hurricane, TxDOT and AT&T can expand the system to handle higher call volumes.

Highway conditions are updated every five minutes. And when TxDOT employees across the state update the state's online Highway Conditions Reporting System, the new IVR phone system will update the information almost instantly.

The previous TxDOT Travel Information Line included recorded information that was sometimes out-of-date. With the new IVR technology, callers will have direct access to updates on the highways on which they want to drive.

Happy driving,
Marc S.

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  1. Glad that we have such kind of info system. Thanks for sharing. I can now know the important travel info while pretty driving on my ram from gatesville